Deluxe Daredevil Muscle Costume

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Deluxe Marvel Daredevil Muscle Men's Costume includes:

  • Padded Daredevil jumpsuit with attached boot covers
  • Daredevil headpiece with mask
  • Gloves
  • Belt

Part of the Marvel Classic collection.

The red Daredevil costume may not have been the original style choice for the character, but it has definitely become synonymous with the name.

This version of the Daredevil costume is completely red with dark red areas created to depict shadows. The back of the neck has Velcro to fasten each side together. The arms of the Daredevil jumpsuit are padded with extra material to give them some muscular definition. In addition to the arms, the chest and abdomen are also padded to give a muscular effect. Daredevil's trademark "DD" emblem appears on the front of the chest as well. Attached to the jumpsuit's legs, the boot covers easily slip over your shoes and a black elastic strap Velcros underneath to ensure they stay on. The covers are made of a soft and flexible poly-foam material and have a more rigid look to them compared to the soft fabric of the jumpsuit. If you're going to wear the Daredevil suit, you're definitely going to need to keep your identity a secret. To help with this, the Deluxe marvel Daredevil Muscle Men's costume comes with the Daredevil mask. This mask pulls over the head and face and Velcros in the back at the bottom. Tuck it into the neck of the jumpsuit to help create a more seamless look. Your mouth will be exposed, so it will be easy to breathe, speak, drink and eat. The eye cutouts have a white mesh covering them to help hide your eyes without impacting your vision. The top of the Daredevil mask includes two red horns made of a soft latex-like material. A red, poly-foam belt wraps around the waist and fastens in the back with Velcro. Red gloves also come with the Daredevil costume and are made of a similar fabric to the mask.

Feel like you can jump from rooftop to rooftop (although, we don't advise it) as the man without fear in the Deluxe Marvel Daredevil Muscle Men's Costume!