Deluxe Captain Jack Sparrow Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Costume

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Deluxe Adult Captain Jack Sparrow Costume includes:

  • Patterned tunic with attached jacket and accessories
  • Faux fur tail pre-attached to the tunic
  • Red sash with ties
  • Two belts with attached detailed plastic buckles
  • Brown cloth and foam pirate hat

One of the most complete Captain Jack costumes available, this particular version simplifies the layers of the costume by including most of the top half in one already attached piece.  The tunic makes use of cloth, padding, plastic, fur and silk to give an excellent illusion of multiple different pieces.  

The Deluxe Captain Jack Sparrow Costume's top portion is a tunic jacket combo with tons of accents and accessories to really sell the look.  The faux fur tail is fluffy and hangs nicely with a slight sway when you walk.  The belts are highly detailed, one in silver and one in gold, and stand out nicely against the brown tones of the costume.  The jacket's cuffs are enormous and slightly padded to hold their shape.  A red and white silk sash dangles loose from the front just like in the movies.  The costume kit includes a red sash with mild elasticity and long tie-able ends.  The hat is very malleable and soft, but will hold its shape after a little work is put in to pop it back up out of the bag.  Light steaming or ironing will get the wrinkles out.  Don't use too much heat, as the foam may melt.  

Great for pirate themed parties, Pirates of the Caribbean events, Halloween, office costume parties, or just to be the bravest pirate on the seven seas.  Easy to put on and low maintenance but stylish, you'll look great at any event in this Captain Jack costume.