Deluxe Captain America Civil War Costume

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Deluxe Captain America Civil War Men's Costume includes:

  • Padded Captain America jumpsuit with attached boot tops
  • Captain America belt
  • Captain America face mask

It's time to choose your side in the Deluxe Captain America Civil War Men's costume!

Inspired by the film, Captain America: Civil War and officially licensed, this costume will definitely solidify your role in the Civil War. Made with a soft fabric, this costume comes with extra padding - in a good way! Areas of the chest and some of the arms are padded to give the illusion that there are muscles. The chest of the costume is printed with a light blue colour background. The chest is padded to look like muscle, as are the arms. This also is gives the illusion of suit armour. A large white star is located in the centre of the chest and white and red can be seen on the stomach. There are also two printed 3-D pieces in the form of harness straps. These straps are a poly-foam and attach to the shoulders and come down the front of the costume and attach to under the arms. On each arm is an Avengers insignia in red. More armour detailing is seen on the arms along with areas of red. The Deluxe Captain America Civil War costume includes a strip of Velcro in the back of the collar to help fasten each side after putting it on. The legs of the pants of this costume are the same blue as the rest of the costume. In some areas, however, there are darker spots which act as a shading. The attached 3-D printed boot tops are easy to slip your shoes into. A black elastic strap fits under your shoe to keep it in place. These boot tops are a grey-brown colour and feature printed straps on the back with the clasps and buckles in front. A poly-foam belt is printed with a large silver buckle and other pouch detailing printed onto it. It wraps around the waist of the costume and fastens with Velcro in the back. The Captain America face mask covers the top part of the face and leaves the nose, mouth and chin uncovered. There is foam around the eyes to help cushion against your face. A black elastic strap goes around the back of the head and fastens with Velcro. It has the same look as the helmet worn by Captain America in the Civil War film and is a moulded plastic. The 'A' is featured prominently on the forehead in silver paint. Silver accents can be found on the sides of the face mask and dark blue patches make it look as though it is sewn together with some leather.

United you stand, divided you fall. Show what you're made of in the Deluxe Captain America Civil War Men's Costume this Halloween! Is an excellent option for a group Avengers cosplay!