Deluxe Black Pirate Captain Costume

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Deluxe Pirate Captain Men's Costume includes:

  • Jacket with attached vest
  • Hat
  • Head tie
  • Dickey
  • Boot covers

*Note: Pants, eye patch and pirate sword not included.

Sail the Seven Seas in this Deluxe Pirate Captain Men's Costume!

Arrgh! This awesome jacket is made of a crushed-velvet like material and features a lot of great details. In true pirate fashion, this long jacket boasts a high collar. The collar and lapels are trimmed with a wonderful red and gold colour cord. On the tips of the lapels are buttons with a skull on each. On the right side of the Deluxe Pirate Captain Men's Costume jacket is a non-functioning pocket that is also trimmed with the same red and gold as the collar and lapels. Two buttons are found on the right side of the jacket and actually work to fasten close the jacket if you wanted. They are a simple brass, flat button. The attached vest can be found inside the jacket. This brown vest is made of a soft material similar to that of the jacket. There are worn marks to resemble that of a worn leather look. The vest features the same brass buttons. There are three of them on the vest and, like the jacket, they are also fully functional. The jacket's cuffs are folded back and show more of the red and cold trim. Brass buttons are also present in a golden coloured stitched pattern. There are sleeve ends that show through the end of the jacket and match the colour of the dickey, which is a mocha colour. The dickey is to be worn under the jacket and attached vest to give the appearance of a shirt. It's quite soft and flowing and only covers the chest. There are brass grommets along the front of the dickey and a long, black cord laces up the front. The tri-corn hat that comes with the Deluxe Pirate Captain Men's costume is a soft foam material that collapses really well for travel if necessary. It has a shine that's akin to a deep, black leather. A deep red trim can be seen on the brim of the hat, followed by a long golden fabric that follows underneath. Pirate buttons are seen on the front of the tri-corn hat on either side of the front point. They are a dark golden colour and feature a skull in the centre. A red matching head tie can be wrapped around the head and tied before putting on your tri-corn pirate hat. Black, faux leather boot tops slide over your shoes and legs to give the illusion of full boots. The tops have a piece that resembles the top of a pirate boot folded down and has three of the brass buttons decorating the front.

No peg legs here. Just grab a pair of black pants and an eye patch and you're ready to terrorize the high seas in this Deluxe Pirate Captain Men's Costume!