Deluxe Batman Dawn of Justice Muscle Costume

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Deluxe Muscle Batman Dawn of Justice Men's Costume includes:

  • Padded Batman jumpsuit with attached 3-D gauntlets, boot tops
  • Detachable Batman cape
  • Batman mask
  • 3-D printed utility belt

From the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice  collection.

Get ready for the dawning of justice!

Enjoy the Halloween season as Ben Affleck's officially licensed Batman from the DC Comics film, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. This four-piece costume includes a padded jumpsuit complete with muscles. Made of a soft, grey fabric, this top of the jumpsuit includes a large black Batman symbol on the centre of the muscular chest. There is also some black lines and other detailing done in black on the shirt. The arms, chest and abdomen are each padded to give the illusion of a beefed up Batman. The open back fastens with several strips of Velcro and would be hidden under the long, black Batman cape. This cape is detachable if you want it to come off. It simply attaches to the shoulders of the padded Batman jumpsuit with Velcro. On the end of the sleeves of the padded Batman muscle shirt are the 3-D printed gauntlets. These gauntlets are made of a flexible black poly-foam and include the yellow Batman "spikes" you always see on Batman's gloves and gauntlets. Attached at the bottom of the jumpsuit's legs are where you'll find the 3-D printed boot covers. Flexible and black, these poly-foam boot covers slide over your shoes and feature a couple areas of yellow on the toes and sides. A black elastic strap Velcros under the foot to help keep them in place. A 3-D printed utility belt is also included in this costume. While a yellow utility belt is printed directly onto the jumpsuit, you can choose to also include the separate belt piece. The front of this belt is a soft and covers the front of the waist. Two black sash-like pieces come from the sides of the belt and tie in the back. To hide your identity, the Deluxe Muscle Batman Dawn of Justice Men's Costume includes a vinyl face mask. A black elastic strap wraps around the back of the head and Velcros together. The bottom of the face is exposed so speaking and breathing isn't a concern. The eyes are cutout and there are smaller Batman ears on top of the face mask since this is the Ben Affleck version. The worn look of the Batman face mask adds a layer of texture to it as well.

Deluxe Muscle Batman Dawn of Justice Men's Costume definitely lets your superhero shine. Pick up a few Batman gadgets and accessory pieces and have a SUPER Halloween!