Deadpool Weapon Costume Accessory Kit

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Make sure you are the first to get the new Deadpool super hero weapons kit! Available from our warehouse today!

Deadpool Accessory Kit includes:

  • 2 Katanas
  • 2 Sai
  • Backpack holster

Practice those martial arts skills with this officially licensed Deadpool weapon kit. A great accesopry for any Deadpool costume!

This kit comes with a small plastic backpack holster with adjustable straps. The two katana swords are made of light grey plastic with red wrappings around the hilt. The katana swords measure 70cms in length and fit diagonally into the holster in an X shape. The sai knifes have a black hilt and light grey plastic blades. They measure 25cms in length and fit sideways into the holster.

Complete your Marvel's Deadpool costume this Halloween with this great weapons kit.