Dazzling Dragon Dress Costume

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The Womens Dazzling Dragon Costume includes:

  • Dress with wings
  • Mask


If you count yourself among the dragon borne, or you're in love with dragon culture, you'll want a taste of this delicious dragon costume. Dragons are fierce, powerful, bold and wise beyond measure – surely how you would see yourself in an imperfect world. Never forget that dragons are dangerous, too, with hides as tough as gemstones … which they also love to collect, along with great piles of gold.

The Dazzling Dragon costume features the brightly colored scales of a dragon looking for the best things in life, with a lemon-yellow breast plate pattern, accented by patterns of green and plum scales throughout the body. The wings built into the dress are colored magenta and bright fuchsia. The dress is complimented by a matching eye-mask enriched with a fiery scale pattern transitioning from gold to dark violet. Attaches with an elasticized band.

Wear with matching wig or with green stockings for full effect. This dragon ensemble is bound to be memorable with this years Halloween, or as an attention-stealing costume with your next role-playing game, particularly if your character is dragon borne. The mythical world of dragons becomes real as soon as you dress in this beautiful, flowing garment.