Day of The Dead Mourning Dress Costume

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The Ladies Day of The Dead Dress Western Costume includes:

  • Dress


With each Day of the Dead, dressing up as a spirit from the land of the dead is part of the fun, particularly if one wears a dress like a body might be buried in. This sophisticated, graceful dress, in the style of the Old Mexican West, is what every well-dressed corpse will be wearing this year, when the celebration begins upon October 31st.

With black lace suffused throughout, the dress provides layer after layer of dark elegance from shoulders to ankle. Short lace sleeves drape over the upper arm, with shoulder straps leaving the shoulders bare. A flourish of flowers decorates the neckline. The whole dress speaks of beauty in death, as though having just been buried.

Add a bouquet, painted sugar mask, flowered headband or veil to achieve a complete effect for the popular October-November festival. This gracious dress is sure to bring the spirits of the dead out in droves, to admire your remarkable fashion sense.