Day of the Dead Darling Costume

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Day of the Dead Darling Ladies Costume includes:

  • Dress with rose details
  • Crown with veil
  • Choker
  • Gloves

*Note: Face makeup not included.

Celebrate the Day of the Dead in this beautifully colourful Day of the Dead Darling Ladies costume!

This costume consists of a gorgeous one-piece dress in a wonderful shade of turquoise. The top of the dress features lovely black lace up the centre of the dress and extending to the shoulders. Turquoise ruching also appears across the chest and extends up the left shoulder. A large blue and turquoise fabric rose appears on the right side of the chest, as a row of red fabric roses crosses from the top of the right shoulder down to the left side of the waist. A short, black ruffled satin-like fabric caps the shoulders. Down the bodice of the Day of the Dead Darling costume you'll see red ribbon laced up the sides. These ribbons aren't adjustable and run from the front to the back of the costume on the black lace portion. The back of the dress is where you will also find the zipper. Turquoise peplum trims the waistline and a layer of turquoise tulle can be seen under the peplum and sticks out a bit. Under the turquoise layers you will see two panels of black lace over a white satiny fabric. These panels come from the waist at the sides of this stunning dress. A simple layer of shining black satin-like fabric is next. Under that simple black layer is a petticoat-like layer of black satiny fabric trimmed with yellow. The crown included with this costume comes attached to a headband. The entire headband is decorated with two, large turquoise roses on either end, then a row of red faux roses finishing. The crown portion of the headband is a stiff yellow colour and looks really cool. There is a black lace veil attached to the crown headband that drapes down the back. The choker fastens via Velcro on the ends of a black satiny piece of fabric. It features a large turquoise faux rose and two loops of a golden chain. Lastly, a pair of long black gloves are included. Red faux roses decorate the tops of the gloves.

Celebrate Día de Muertos in this beautifully crafted Day of the Dead Darling Ladies costume! Don't forget the sugar skull makeup.