Dark Water Siren Mermaid Costume

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Dark Water Siren Women's Mermaid costume includes:

  • One-piece dress
  • Black crown

*Note: Jewellery is sold separately.

Dive into dark waters in this Dark Water Siren Women's Mermaid costume!

This Dark Water Siren costume is a one-piece dress with a bustier-style top. There is a zipper in the back to help you in and out with sleeve caps that resemble a discarded fishing net. The dress is all black from the top of the bodice to the tip of the tail fins. The bodice is made of a metallic fabric and prominently features a strip of many rows of black sequins. The top of the bodice along the chest is black tulle trim with glitter added in for extra sparkle. Around the waist of the dress, drapes more of the fish-net like material. Silver tones on black with diamond cutouts. This material doesn't drape very long and is intended to look torn and tattered. Moving down to the "tail" of the Dark Water Siren costume, we see scale detailing in black-on-black tones. The material here is flexible and similar to the metallic fabric used in the bodice. The fins cover your feet and stay with the overall, dark and mysterious look. The foam fin panels are covered in both sides with a iridescent glittering fabric that seems to mesmerize when the light catches it. The last piece included with the Dark Water Siren Women's Mermaid costume is a sparkling, black crown that sits on the forehead. The black elastic keeps in on your head and the crown features a clear oval stone. The overall shape of the crown has several points in a jagged pattern that reminds you of coral. 

Sing your siren's song in this beautiful underwater-inspired Dark Water Siren Women's Mermaid costume!