Dark Joker Venetian Masquerade Mask

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It's all fun and games...

Especially when you're wearing the Dark Joker masquerade mask. Whether you need some levity or you have more sinister intentions, this Dark Joker mask is perfect. Crafted by artisans in Venice, Itally, these masks have the right amount of authenticity to them. Glossy white paint covers the face of the mask with black outlined eyes and red lips. The mask's eyes have cutouts around the pupil area and the nose has "nostrils" which helps with breathing.

Not every harlequin mask is intended to make people smile. The Dark Joker mask is ominous and foreboding. Comic book villains can be whimsical - or they can be a bit scary. The pasty white face, blood-red lips, and blackened eyes of this character definitely are frightening. The realistic mask (you can see the creepy wrinkles in the forehead) absolutely puts fear back into Halloween.

Use the Dark Joker mask as part of your DC Comics Joker villain Halloween costume or as an intriguing jester - the possibilities are nearly endless.