Cute Penguin Yumio Onesie Pajamas

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The Cute Penguin Yumio Onesie Pajamas includes:

  • Onesie
  • Pull Over Hood
  • Zippered Bottom

Head down into the arctic and blend in with the local wildlife when you transform into a flightless bird with the Cute Penguin Yumio Onesie Pajamas! It may be snowing and below freezing, but in this supremely soft costume you will keep you warm beneath the stars!

This full body costume includes both a pull over hood, and a surprisingly convenient zippered flap in the back. The main body of this piece is made out of a solid black shade with a single pop of color on the penguin’s beak which is a bright yellow. Across the front of the onesie there is a large white oval which creates the animal’s stomach, and there is additional white above the beak on the hood where a pair of embroidered eyes sits.

To wear these onesie pajamas there is a line of buttons down the front of the piece which can be fastened around the body. These onepiece costumes are designed to be baggie and loose fitting on most sizes, allowing for breathability and maximum comfort. Animal onesies have never been quite this adorable! Get the Cute Penguin Yumio Onesie Pajamas to distract others with your adorable appearance, or add to your collection for future use! This costume is also great for sleepovers, parties, themed events, or even just for keeping warm on Halloween night!