Cuphead: Don't Deal With The Devil - Adult Cuphead Costume

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The Cuphead: Don't Deal With The Devil - Adult Cuphead Costume includes:

  • Foam head mask

  • Jumpsuit

  • 2 Gloves


Did you beat the game? Did you get past Dr. Kahl's Robot and reach as far as King Dice? Even if you didn't, with all the amazing little quirks, you sure had a hugely fun time playing the hardest game this year! Now it's time to be the cartoon yourself, wearing our Cuphead costume and crying out, “Golly!” and “Hot Dog!”

Made of felt that pulls on and fitting most any head, the Cuphead mask includes big white eyes, red nose and wide mouth, complete with Cuphead's red-capped straw at the top. Cartoon hands made of matching felt fit comfortably over the hands. The jumpsuit, which naturally includes the black jersey and red short pants of the character, fixes in the back with velcro tabs. It is light to wear over other clothes on a cold night and likewise breathes well indoors.

Wear out to your next Halloween party, or take a stroll at a local comic con or video game expo. And remember, though you're like to roll the dice with the devil, beware of playing his game, for soon after you'll pay the price. Never forget those words as you venture out to play a new Cuphead game all your very own.