Creepy Sister/Twin Doll Costume

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Size: Standard, up to a 14 or 16 dress size. 

Come play with us... This Creepy Sister Doll costume was designed to look like the iconic dresses worn by the Grady twins in the shining. Purchase two for an extra-eerie Halloween party or movie themed-event!

This creepy sister dress is mint green with white polka dots and comes in a low-sheen satin fabric. It features lace edging on the collar, sleeves, and skirt hem. The bodice and skirt bottom are pleated, and the waist is adorned with a cream satin ribbon and bow. The dress opening at the back is secured with Velcro for easy off and on. 

Perfect creepy costume for Halloween, especially if you have a sister or BFF with similar ghoulish tastes. Or, why not wear as a girl zombie, or demonic doll costume? Also, great for a catholic school girl dress, 80's school girl, or Lolita ensemble. 

Note: Wig, shoes, socks and an elevator full of blood are not included.