Command Officer Male Uniform Jacket - Star Trek Discovery

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The Men’s Star Trek – Discovery Command Officer Uniform includes:

  • Shirt
  • Pin


Command the USS Discovery in the 23rd Century amid the complex troubles surrounding the Klingon Empire and Federation, as one of the gifted and the brave tasked with exploring and preserving the galaxy in a dark time. This isn’t your grandfather’s Star Trek, but rather a brilliantly mysterious take on the Trekkian universe, where no Trek has gone before.

The dusky blue uniform is patterned on the sleeves and torso with sensational gold relief, adding a glorious feel of strength and authority. Insets of heavy cloth and stitching lend the boldness of armor to the uniform. Richly lined, the stretch material hugs the body and arms as though it were made for the wearer, providing a confident and enduring self-awareness as a person of integrity, honor and fortitude, from the moment the jacket sweeps across the shoulders to the gold zip being pulled up to the chin. The tall, two-inch pin is molded with Discovery’s logo and intricate 3-D design, conveying the licence called for to lead a magnificent starship straight into the heart of danger.

This garment and pin would be a cosplaying treat for any fan that’s ready to present themselves to the cast themselves at a fan expo, as proudly you step up and shake their hand. Naturally, you’ll be ready to take a break from your command to attend a costume event, or binge view of the show’s second season, starting on January 17, 2019. Truly a delicious garment for any Star Trek fan.