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Colombina Sisi Feather Masquerade Eye Mask

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Each hand finished mask might vary in decoration, adornments and style.The authentic Venetian Colombina Sisi half mask is a hand painted paper-mache eyemask that swoops up on the sides and has three types of matching feathers centered above the eyes. The mask itself is nand painted two colours, either silver or gold and the feature colour. It has 3d detailing in the metallic glitter and is trimmed with a two-colour fabric trim. In the centre at the top, there is a metal filigree with a matching crystal gem. There are three layers of feathers that rise from the centre, the tallest is an ostrich plume (in some cases there are two), then there are chandelle feathers in the feature colour and finally some small polka dotted feathers are nestled under the filigree. The masquerade mask is completed with matching ribbon ties. Beautiful. About the Masks These fabulous genuine Venetian masks are designed by artist, Augusto Maurandi, and are created by his team in Venice, Italy. Each mask is authentically handcrafted of paper-mache in the artisan traditions of Venetian mask-makers. With satin ribbons on either side, these masks are ready for wear or display; a great piece for the avid art or mask collector.