Take Charge Marge Navy Uniform Costume

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Take Charge Marge Navy Uniform costume includes:

  • Dress with patches
  • Hat
  • Belt
  • Commendation metal

**Gloves are not included**

Conquer those who dare to come against you in this sexy Navy Captain costume. Take Charge Marge will get the job done with honors with this Halloween costume. 

This is a navy blue military dress that zips up the back. It is made with a lovely stretch knit material and lined with a sharp red trim. There are shoulder epaulettes with gold military buttons. Four faux pockets sit at the waist and bodice. The neckline features a round almost keyhole type with buttons on the collar. There are three military buttons featured on each wrist cuff and down the front of the dress. Realistic patches are embroidered onto the right bodice and left arm. A matching navy blue belt with more embroidery has a velcro closure and sit around the waist. Pin the commendation metal over your heart. It has a blue, white and red ribbon with a star enclosed in a circle. A white captains hat is also included. It has a black vinyl brim and ribbon with gold grommets. An embroidered gold patch has an eagle sitting on top of the world. 

Be your own Captain of the ship this Halloween with this sexy Navy costume. Take Charge Marge is great for themed parties, surprising that special someone and Halloween.