CLEARANCE - Mile High Sexy Airplane Pilot Costume

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This Ladies Airplane Captain costume includes:

  • Super stretchy and sleek black dress with short hem 
  • Hat with faux leather brim
  • Black semi-transparent scarf

This costume is not for the faint of heart!  The Airline Captain costume features a very short dress, which will place the emphasis on your natural curves.  Gold buttons and the included hat and scarf will make your body look fantastic.  You'll be the sexiest pilot above ten thousand feet.

The Airplane Costume for ladies is a stretchy black dress with plunging neckline and short skirt.  The soft, sleek material is accented with gold buttons from the neckline of the dress down to just above the lower hem.  Feel free to leave a few buttons undone at the top if you're busty!  The breast of the dress has a small captain's patch sewn on to remind people that you're the boss on this flight.  The included hat is adorable and will perch delicately on top of your head.  Featuring a fabric badge that matches the one on the dress, and a wide, faux leather brim, this hat brings back memories of the glamorous and prestigious captains of the 50s.  Also included is a black semi-transparent scarf which can be knotted snugly against your neck or loosely near your bosom, allowing for a few different looks.  You'll be super sexy in this outfit, and finding the perfect fit is easy with sizes starting at Teen and going up to 3x.

Wear this stunningly short dress to the Halloween or themed party on club night, or around the house for some roleplay.  A pair of straight black slacks and some sleek heeled shoes will complete this costume for the Halloween office party.  Be the hottest airplane captain around tonight!