Children's Reversible Captain America & The Incredible Hulk Costume

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The Captain America and Hulk costume includes:

  • Reversible muscle chest jumpsuit
  • Captain America mask
  • Hulk mask

Why choose between Captain America and Hulk when you can have both? You can have the classic look of the Hulk and the new look of Captain America, from Marvel’s “Captain America” movie, all in one muscle jumpsuit.

The soft, smooth fabric of the jumpsuit makes it comfortable and easy to wear for a long period of time. There is a cloth Captain America half mask that completes the American hero look, and, a plastic Hulk mask that might make you want to Hulk smash! You can compliment this look with Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow, or any other Avenger characters.

This costume is great for Halloween, costume parties, birthday parties, comic conventions, or just because you want to.