CLEARANCE - Children's Jet-Vac Skylanders Costume

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Jet-Vac Skylanders Kids Costume includes:

  • Jet-Vac jumpsuit with attached boot top
  • Gauntlets
  • Belt
  • Jet Vac mask

Take to the sky in this awesome Jet-Vac costume inspired by the Skylanders and officially licensed.

The Jet-Vac jumpsuit is all one piece. The steel blue colour of the jumpsuit is detailed with darker blue outlines of feathers printed all over it. The neck of the jumpsuit is where you will find strips of Velcro. This will assist in making it easy for your child to get in and out of the costume. Attached to the shoulders of the Jet-Vac jumpsuit is a long piece of poly-foam printed with some armour-like fabric. Light blue and some white accents decorate this poly-foam armour. There is also a feather apron piece attached to the poly-foam chest armour. A gold coloured poly-foam belt is included with the Jet-Vac costume. It has a wing-like design in the centre and two circles on each side. The sides and back of the belt are black fabric and simply ties in the back. The gauntlets for the Jet-Vac costume are a matching blue poly-foam. They slip over your child's arms and hands. They do not cover the fingers and there's also a hole for your thumb. The overall look of the gauntlets have an armour appearance to them. Without a face mask, how would people know you're Jet-Vac? So, this costume also includes a moulded plastic face mask. It covers the face and a black elastic Velcros behind the head. White feathers with black tips come from the centre of the mask. Yellow outlined holes for your eyes and a yellow beak sit in the centre and a silver design is on a blue cap above the eyes and beak.

The Jet-Vac Skylanders Kids Costume is a great group costume idea and would be a blast for your child this Halloween!