Belle Fairy Tale Beauty Ball Gown Costume

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The Ladies Fairytale Beauty Costume includes:

  • Gown with hoop skirt
  • Crown

Do people use the words beautiful and benevolent to describe you? How about taming wild animals with the warmth of your heart? If you answered yes to either question, the Ladies Fairytale Beauty costume is the perfect addition to your wardrobe!

This gorgeously designed dress is long and elegant, fashioned in the classic vibrant yellow everyone remembers. The drop-shoulder sleeve caps connect across the neckline and around the back of the dress. Attached to the center of the neckline is a white tulle flower, of which resembles the silver floral dot pattern across the bodice of the gown. The bodice section is made of a soft velvet-like material and transitions to a shiner fabric around the waist.

The bottom of the dress has multiple layers, including a slip with a built in hoop skirt. There is ruching in sections around the top layer of the skirt leading down into a layer of lace around the hem.