Roman & Greek White Tunic | Culture & Nationalities | Mens Costumes

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  • Mens Classic White Tunic Costume
  • Roman & Greek White Tunic | Culture & Nationalities | Mens Costumes


The Men’s Classic White Tunic Costume includes:

  • White Tunic
  • Rope Belt

One size fits most, up to a chest size 42 in.

Take a step back in time and explore the Roman Empire through the eyes of a Gladiator this Halloween while wearing the Men’s Classic White Tunic Costume! The year might be only 250 BC, but you still don’t want to make a bad fashion statement in front of the crowd, do you?

This two-piece set is as versatile and is it comfortable! The packaged costume is made to fall to the knee in length, and is made of a soft white velvety fabric. The tunic is sleeveless with holes for the arms and has a high neckline with Velcro tabs around the back to secure when in use. Included in the package is a gold rope-belt with a twisted pattern, and can be worn when tired around the waist.

The Men’s Classic White Tunic can be utilized for a multitude of costumes, and unique ideas! Pair with a fake beard and a horned helmet to transform into a Viking, or add spiritual charm with a cross necklace and a zucchetto to become a priest! No matter what you choose, the Classic White Tunic will make your next themed event a success! 

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