Classic Robin Hood Costume

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One size: Standard (up to chest 44")

Robin Hood costume includes:

  • Shirt with attached sash
  • Capelet
  • Hat
  • Belt
  • Boot covers

This is a Robin Hood costume. Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, Robin Hood is the hero of Nottingham and Sherwood forest.

This is a five-piece costume with a shirt with attached sash, caplet, hat, belt and boot covers. This shirt is a tunic with attached shoulder sash and gauntlets. The neckline is wide and torn-looking, as is the hem of the shirt, as Robin’s outfit is supposed to look worn. The tunic has a Velcro opening at the back of the neckline to make it easier to put the garment on. The gauntlets are brown with dark brown ties that wrap around the forearm. The cuff of the sleeves can be widened as there are Velcro openings by the wrist. The sash is attached at the shoulder and ties up at the waist. The caplet is light and hooded and ties up in the front to fasten around the shoulders. The hat is Robin Hood’s archer hat, complete with feather. The belt matches the look of the sash. It has ties to fasten around the waist. The boot covers match the style of the gauntlets; they are light brown with dark brown ties. They fit securely on the left with elastic that wraps around the calf.

This costume goes perfect with a band of Merry Men and Maid Marian. Wear this for Halloween, or other ye old England themes.