Children's Zombie Hunter Costume

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Zombie hunter costume includes:

  • Tranch coat
  • Shirt
  • Hat
  • Bullet bandolier
  • Axe with sheath

This is a super cool Zombie Hunter costume. Kill the zombie horde and save the last of humanity in this costume. This five-piece costume comes with a tattered trench coat, t-shirt, hat, bullet bandolier and axe with sheath. The trench coat is cut to look torn. It has a collar with interfacing, a cape draping the shoulders and long sleeves. The t-shirt is a stretchy green top with a graphic design of a zombie head that has several slogans reading: “Zombie Hunter”, “Zombie Defence Expert” and “Aim for the Head and Don’t Miss”. The outback hat has snaps on the brim to lift the sides of the hat up. There is also an adjustable chin strap. The bullet bandolier can also be used for a belt and has adjustable Velcro straps. The axe is stiff plastic and the sheath is a bloody zombie head that has a faux leather belt attached that can tie up around the waist. This cool costume is perfect with a group of zombies, for Halloween, or a Zombie Walk.