Children's The Flash Justice League Jumpsuit Costume

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The Girls The Flash Justice League Jumpsuit Costume includes:

  • Jumpsuit
  • Mask


One of DC Comics’ most popular characters, The Flash has been a major part of many reality-changing storylines since the character’s creation in 1940. Possessing super-speed, we warn that once you’ve dressed in this beautiful jumpsuit and mask, there’s always the chance that you’ll be moving so fast your parents won’t be able to catch you.

Providing the amazing design of The Flash’s modern uniform, with blue and yellow fletching and the Scarlet Speedster’s iconic lightning logo, rendered in glorious molding. A similar design presents tough 3-D shin and elbow guards that highlight the arms and legs of the jumpsuit, giving a sense of real power and strength. The half mask of The Flash provides the superhero’s public identity, with padding for long comfort and closing with an elasticized strap.

Dress as The Flash anytime you need to speed superfast from one room to the next, or zipping from house to house while trick-or-treating for Halloween. A lickety-split costume for fan expos surrounding superhero themes or fun costume events, such as dress-up day at school or birthday parties.