Children's Superman Justice League Licensed Jumpsuit Costume

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The Girl’s Justice League Licensed Superman Jumpsuit Costume includes:

  • Jumpsuit
  • Cape


Prove that you’re made of steel just like Superman as you don this supple, richly detailed costume, designed to provide Superman’s look from the sensational Justice League film. As the most powerful being on the planet, you have a lot of responsibility to look after people on Earth and protect them from themselves, particularly the evil among them.

The jumpsuit includes a startling logo of Superman’s famous symbol meaning “Hope,” along with 3-D shin guards made of molded rubber to give the feel of strength. The detachable brilliant red cape fits to the costume with long Velcro strips on the shoulders.

A great choice for Halloween or any cosplay opportunity, whether on your way out to a comic expo or game event. Enables great cosplay opportunities with friends at birthday parties.