Children's Stay Puft Marshmallow-Man Inflatable Ghostbusters Costume

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One size: Kids 8 - 10

Stay Puff costume includes:

  • Jumpsuit
  • Battery-operated fan
  • Headpiece
  • Gloves

This is a Stay Puft costume from Ghostbusters. This guy is the big freaky incarnation of the Sumerian god that the Ghostbusters have to defeat. This is an inflatable costume with four pieces to it. The jumpsuit is the inflatable part of the costume. It is elasticized at the cuffs and hem of the pants as well as around the calves and forearms. The collar is an elastic stand-up collar that zips up the back. The collar also has red ribbon attached to front tie in a bow. The hole for the fan attachment is in the lower back part of the suit. The fan attachment is two pieces, one being the fan that screws onto the costume opening. The other piece is the battery pack which clips on to your pants or belt. There are instructions included as well to operate the fan. The mask is a hood that has foam interfacing and fits over the head and across the shoulders. Inside the hood is ribbon that ties around your head as the mask is quite large and can be adjusted to fit your head. There is a mouth hole and mesh eye holes. Small stretchy white gloves are also included in this outfit. This is a funny costume that would be great for plenty of costume parties and Halloween. Get some friends to dress up as the Ghostbusters and have fun group costume.