Children's Shepherd Boy Nativity Costume

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Children's Shepherd Boy Nativity Costume includes:

  • Robe
  • Headpiece

Bring forth the shepherds to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus with this classic Shepherd Boy costume. 

The Shepherd Boy costume comes with a long one piece tunic that slips over the head and ties in the back of the neck. The robe part is brown and light brown striped. It is also long sleeved with a tan ribbon trim around the neck. The edge of the tunic has black and gold ribbon trim. The tunic front is made with a white satin. The headpiece is the same material as the robe with tan edging. It stays on the head with an elastic around the band. 

Perfect for minding sheep or looking for the manager in this wonderful Shepherd Boy costume. Perfect for church nativity scenes, part of a play or Halloween. Add a Shepherd's crook and you are set to go!