Children's Ride-on Unicorn Costume

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The Childrens Ride-on Costume includes:

  • Unicorn jumpsuit


Help your happy child embrace the purity and beauty of the unicorn, the rarest creature in the universe. As a part of fantasy stories throughout the centuries, the unicorn represents all that is good and kind – and very often the common fantasy of many a youngster!

This one-piece costume is made to be worn like a jumpsuit, so that your child's feet become the unicorn's back legs, while the mock feet of the costume create the illusion that the unicorn is being ridden. The costume includes glossy pink wings and matching hooves, with a rainbow puff tail and soft white velvety fur throughout. The head possesses pink ears and black eyes, with a golden horn and a rainbow colored main. Straps hold the unicorn's body to the wearer's shoulders.

One of the softest and most child-friendly of mythical beasts, this unicorn costume is sure to please any wearer for ages – and be a treasured item long after it has been outgrown. Great for a tickle trunk and every day cosplay, it will make a wonderful warm costume for Halloween night, or for any child's costume party. Unicorns are beloved and this one will be without a doubt. Add a fairy princess dress or a crown for a more elaborate effect.