Children's Ride Along Unicorn Costume

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The Children’s Ride-Along Unicorn Costume includes:

  • Jumpsuit


One of the most beloved mythical animals in the annals of fantasy, the spellbinding unicorn has seized the hearts of millions with its beauty and rarity. If you have a little girl in your life that is obsessed with unicorns, our Ride-Along Unicorn Costume is sure to make them deliriously happy.

The costume fits like a pair of pants, with soft pink plastic hoofs for feet and cloth soles, for the unicorn’s back feet. The horses front feet are free-hanging from the unicorn’s chest. Straps fit over the wearer’s shoulders for support, and a pink harness is used to hold up the unicorn’s head, turning it left and right as desired. Pink plush fabric makes up most of the unicorn’s body and head – and the head includes a rainbow-colored mane, a pink horn with golden gloss and two friendly black eyes. A rainbow tail completes the costume’s appearance.

Meant for indoor play, parties, costume events and dress-up, this ride-along unicorn would be a first-class addition to any child’s tickle trunk. A soft stuffed animal besides, for bedtime or cuddling, the ride-along unicorn could have years of life in your child’s love. This is sure to be a favorite costume for anyone who loves unicorns or horses.