CLEARANCE - Children's Prestige Lloyd Ninjago Costume

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Lloyd Ninjago Prestige Kids Costume includes:

  • Minifigure tunic
  • Minifigure pants
  • Mask
  • Pair of Lego hands

Bring peace to Ninjago once again by defeating The Dark Lord in this officially licensed Lloyd Ninjago Prestige Kids Costume!

As the only master of energy and power, Lloyd, the leader of the Ninja, dons the colour green and wields the twin golden katanas. This costume contains a green tunic, green pants, mask and black Lego hands. The Minifigure tunic is a stiff, durable foam with red fabric sewn over it. An awesome feature to this costume is the 3-D style. The tunic puffs out and shapes into a square. The open bottom lets your child slide it down over the head and shoulders. The shiny green fabric of the sleeves cover their arms and their head sticks through the opening at the top. The look of these sleeves almost resemble a faux leather. A high collar all the way around helps to hide some of the exposed neck. Velcro helps secure the back of the collar which helps putting the tunic on when it is open. The front of the green Minifigure tunic has some detailing printed on it. A dark green bandanna can be seen just below the neck, while a golden emblem which looks like a dragon's head is printed to the right on the tunic. Three brown rope-designs meet behind the golden dragon's head and numerous black lines on the costume resemble fabric folds and movement. On the back of the tunic, two brown capsules with silver printed buckles adorn it. Three more bands of brown rope, which come from the front, meet behind these capsules. The tunic's front and back each have a green sash printed on them. The 3-D Minifigure pants help complete the Lego Minifigure look. The elastic waist helps with putting them on and getting them off. They are the same durable foam as the tunic in the same green colour. Each leg of the Minifigure pants has a printed on leg band with silver coloured buckle. On the top of the right leg, there is a long hanging piece of ribbon that is printed, that comes from the tunic's printed on waist sash. The face mask included with the Lloyd Ninjago Prestige Kids Costume is enough to cover the face. The black elastic strap wraps around the back of the head and fastens together with a strip of Velcro. This moulded face mask even has a mesh screen with the yellow background and black eyes with eyebrows without preventing too much vision problems. The rest of the mask is green and dark green and resembles the ninja face coverings. The two Lego hands are simply gloves that pull over your child's hands. Their hands are still free to move and they can grab anything as the Lego hand gloves simply cover the outside of the hands and provide the illusion.

Your child will be practicing the art of Spinjitzu this Halloween in the Lloyd Ninjago Prestige Kids Costume!