Children's Prestige Batman Lego Movie Costume

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The Lego Batman Movie Prestige costume includes:

  • Minifigure tunic with detachable cape
  • Minifigure pants
  • Batman Mask
  • Pair of Lego hands

Back in Black, is Batman really prepared to change himself in order to save Gotham? Take on the Joker with this awesome officially licensed Lego Batman prestige costume from 'The Lego Batman Movie'.

This prestige Lego Batman costume comes with everything you need to become the hero himself. The minifigure tunic is made from a poly-foam that allows it to keep the square shape of a lego. It has a printed Batman symbol on the chest as well as small amour details and the Batman utility belt. It velcros at the neck for easier on and off. The pants have an elastic waist as well as the poly-foam material to keep the shape of the legs. The cape is a black satin material that attaches on the shoulders of the tunic with two velcro strips. Also included is two Lego hands which have a slit in them so they are still functional. Last but certainly not the least is the plastic Batman mask. It has elastic at the back to stay on the head with foam inside the mask around the eyes, forehead and mouth for better comfort. The eyes have a mesh covering to see out of and the mouth has a foam piece with mesh opening for the mouth. 

Don't be afraid of snake clouds with this awesome Lego Batman from 'The Lego Batman Movie.' Pair it with Batgirl for a fun costume to see the movie, dress up and Halloween time.