Children's Pokeball Pokemon Inflatable Costume

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The Inflatable Pokeball Costume includes:

  • Inflatable suit


Shades of Pokemon Go! You’re the one getting caught in this costume as others flick to catch you … if you’re fast enough, you’ll be able to escape before they succeed! But beware, everyone in the world is anxious to catch you, so you won’t escape forever …

This one-piece costume is inflatable and includes a small battery-operated fan for automatically filling. Made of plastic with the pokemon design, the costume fits around the hands, legs and neck. A zipper closes the ball in the back.

Beware, for once you don this costume and head out into the world for trick-or-treating, the costume is also bound to be a prize catch for any fan expo coming up. Just weave in one place for a few moments to get instant attention.