Children's Midnight Vampire/Dracula Costume

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Midnight Vampire Costume includes:

  • Cape
  • Pants
  • Vest with attached shirt sleeves
  • Collar and tie

In the depth of the night, be careful or you will find this kids Midnight Vampire costume. 

This Midnight Vampire costume comes with a vest with attached shirt sleeves and zips in the back. The vest is made from black lace and the buttons are not usable. The attached shirt is a white satin and the sleeves have an elastic near the cuff. Around the neck is a fake burgundy red tie. There is ties in the back. The black pants are simple and have an elastic waistband. The cape is black with a stand up collar. It uses a silver chain to be held closed. It has a small caplet overtop. 

Add some blood and maybe even some garlic as a joke for this Midnight Vampire costume. A classic option for Halloween, themed parties or feeling a little blood.