Children's Licensed Jawa Star Wars Costume

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Star Wars Jawa costume includes:

  • Hood mask with light up eyes
  • Robe
  • Gloves
  • 2 belts

This is a Jawa costume. These crafty scavengers are from the Star Wars universe.

This is a three-piece costume with a robe, hood, and bandoliers. The hood is slightly heavy fabric that opens up in the back and fastens close with Velcro. The cuffs of the sleeves and the bottom hem of the robe are cut to look torn. The shoulders and waist have Velcro attachments for the Bandoliers to attach to. The hood is pointed and has a Poly-foam lined opening. The open part of the hood is actually covered in mesh that can be seen through when put on. Half of the mesh has domed plastic covering the eyes where the light-up attachments goes. As Jawas have glowing eyes, there is a switch to turn on and then the costume has two red glowing dots denoting the eyes. Your actual eyes are higher up and the light does not interfere with your vision. The bandoliers are two moulded foam pieces that have faux pockets and criss-cross over the chest.

This costume is perfect for Halloween, a sci-fi or comic book convention and in a group costume. Also great for selling droids you "found". Utinni!