Children's Ghostly Girl Costume

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Kids Ghostly Girl Costume Includes:

  • White Sleeveless Dress
  • White mesh overdress with detachable hood
  • Skeleton Cameo Pin

You’ll haunt dreams this Halloween with this creepy Ghostly Girl costume.

The Ghostly Girl costume is an all white costume that is sure to give you a ghostly presence. The underdress is a sleeveless white dress with a long fringe at the bottom. The overdress is made of white organza. It has a high collar with a detachable skeleton cameo pin. The sleeves trail off into long fringe and there is long fringe along the bottom of the arms. The hem of the overdress is also cut into a long fringe. There is a detachable white organza hood for the overdress that can act as a hood or a veil.

Check out our Ghost Wig and some dark makeup for under the eyes to make this Ghostly Girl costume complete! This costume is perfect for Halloween or any of your scaring needs. Pair this costume with other ghosts for a fun and scary group costume idea.