Children's English Nanny Musical Costume

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The Girl’s English Nanny Musical Costume includes:

  • Jacket
  • Shirt
  • Dickey
  • Hat
  • Flower assortment
  • Parrot umbrella handle


It’s your youngster’s turn to become the English Nanny of fabulous fantasy. They’ll have to learn how to give a spoonful of sugar with medicine, say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and whistle a merry tune, but it’s all the easiest thing in the world for the amazing Mary Poppins.

The English jacket included offers an excellent woven steel-blue appearance, with darker blue skirt as an offset. The jacket provides narrow lapels and three buttons on the front. A black trim upon the jacket lends character, as does the white shirt and bright red scarf dickey.

The narrow-brimmed flat hat, matching the jacket, provides an endearing vision. Dress the hat up with an assortment of flowers, white, red or blue. The soft-rubber umbrella knob in the shape of a parrot only needs an umbrella to make it complete, though this is not included in the costume.

A wonderful choice for a grown-up child, who feels ready to act a bit older and is a bit more responsible than her peers. Come Halloween, she may not be able to fly upon the breeze, but she’s certain to be a distinct presence … and naturally, she may want to wear the costume to the premiere of the Movie, Mary Poppins Returns, this December 2018.