Children's Deluxe Slytherin Robe Harry Potter Costume

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With this Deluxe Slytherin Robe, your child will look as cunning as Merlin himself. The exclusive robe is made with a deep-black fabric and lined with the emerald green of the Slytherin crest. Since resourceful Slytherins don't like having too many extras to fuss with, there's a full hood featured on this sleek robe, leaving no need to wear a separate hat. To keep this school robe in place a simple button and loop fastener is stitched at the top of the neck. Completing the look is a Slytherin crest stitched to the front of the robe ensuring that no Slytherin students will be caught without the powerful serpent on their side.

Costume Package Includes:

  • Hooded Robe
  • Sweater
  • Dickey
  • Necktie