Children's Deluxe Loki Avengers Muscle Costume

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Kids Loki Deluxe Muscle Costume includes:

  • Muscle jumpsuit
  • Headpiece
  • Cape

If your little one is already pretty mischievous, the Kids Loki Deluxe Muscle costume is perfect!

This green and golden jumpsuit comes is made of a soft, flexible fabric that has a bit of stretch to it. The top of the jumpsuit also includes a 'muscle' portion as part of the costume. It's soft foam that is sewn into the jumpsuit. The Kids Loki Deluxe Muscle Costume's top half is grey with golden faux armour and resembles the costume worn by Loki in the Marvel films, Thor 1 and 2 and The Avengers movies. There are attached foam gauntlets on the sleeves and the collar comes up to cover most of the neck. The bottom of the Kids Loki Deluxe Muscle Costume are a vibrant emerald green with black shadowing and gold faux armour. These armour plates are extra padded areas of the costume. Foam boot covers slip over your child's feet via an elastic strap on the bottom. They are stiff and look like they are separate pieces but are actually attached to the legs of the costume. Loki wouldn't be Loki without the included horned helmet headpiece. This golden coloured headpiece sits on your child's head and has two, long and curling horns coming from the centre of the forehead. Loki's headpiece is a soft, flexible foam covered with fabric and features black line detailing around the sides - which come down the sides of the face - and back. The two horns are soft but rigid. Loki's emerald green cape is also included as part of the Kids Loki Deluxe Muscle costume and attaches to the shoulders of the jumpsuit via Velcro strips. 

Dress your child up in the Kids Loki Deluxe Muscle Costume this year for a fitting night of 'TRICK-or-treating.'