Children's Deluxe Bebop Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows Movie Costume

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Deluxe Bebop TMNT: Out of the Shadows Kids Costume includes:

  • Padded Bebop jumpsuit
  • Bebop injection moulded mask

Part of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows collection.

When you add some mutagen to your DNA, the results can be quite interesting.

This Deluxe Bebop TMNT: Out of the Shadows Kids costume comes with everything your child needs to transform into the humanoid warthog henchman, Bebop from the Nickelodeon film, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows. This costume includes a padded jumpsuit with Velcro fasteners in the back. The top of the jumpsuit is a soft, printed fabric that resembles Bebop's skin texture. The belly and arms are padded and a golden chain is printed on the chest around the neck, along with a toothy necklace. The right arm of the jumpsuit features a red flame tattoo and both sleeves include 3-D foam gauntlets decorated with faux studs and chain printing. On the back of the jumpsuit's top portion is printed to resemble a brown, leather vest. This "vest" continues over to the front of the jumpsuit where extra pieces of the soft fabric appear as though the vest sits open. Buttons, studs and other detailing decorate the vest both front and back. The pants of the Bebop TMNT: Out of the Shadows jumpsuit are printed to look like blue jeans with black leather chaps overtop. There is a belt printed right onto the fabric as well as chains. A long tail with bright pink and purple tufts of fur is printed on the left leg and comes from the jumpsuit's backside. At the bottom of each leg of the jumpsuit, printed boots give the illusion of being laced up the front. Attached to the bottom of the jumpsuit's pant legs are shoe covers. A black elastic strap Velcros under the foot to secure in place. Also included with this gnarly costume is the Bebop face mask. He covers the face and Velcros in back with a black elastic. He has a bright purple Mohawk and the iconic purple visor sunglasses you remember in the 1980s animated series. The eyes are cutout to help with vision and the nose and mouth each have cutouts. There's even a nose ring.

Your child will definitely appreciate this epic and iconic costume that you'll remember from your own childhood. Pick up the Deluxe Bebop TMNT: Out of the Shadows Kids costume for a blast from the past!