Children's Deluxe Beast - Beauty and the Beast Movie Costume

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The Kids Deluxe Beast Costume includes:

  • Padded jacket with attached vest
  • Cravat
  • Pants
  • Character mask

This costume is part of our Disney: Beauty and the Beast collection.

There wouldn’t be a Beauty without the Beast! Help your child become their favourite fairytale prince with the Kids Deluxe Beast Costume, and watch as they grow in wisdom and in heart!

This elegant four-piece costume will not only have your child channeling their inner beast, but will also keep them warm in the cold air this Halloween! With full length sleeves the shiny dark blue jacket screams royalty, only intensified by golden floral designs spanning down the open front. Identical golden designs are also displayed on the front of both fake pockets, as well as around the outward facing fabric of each wrist cuff. Two tiered layers of white lace extend down over either wrist, matching the white cravat which fits over top of the jacket and around the back of the neck. Sewn into the inner lining of the jacket is a vest with Velcro tabs to close and more stylish designs with printed golden buttons.

To create the Beast’s elevated shoulders and humpback the costume includes a padded appliance to be worn underneath the jacket. This appliance is attached by Velcro around the front as well as within the upper shoulders of the costume to secure it internally. A pair a navy pants with an elastic waistband completes the clothing ensemble with the final piece being a plastic molded mask. The mask features painted shading and detail in a variety of brown and black colours. Different lifted shapes and grooves create a detailed outline of the Beasts mane, hair, and horns. To help your child see during use there are two eye holes, as well as a small additional slit between the lips for ventilation. The back of the mask has a black elastic strap to fit over the back of the head.

Your child can wear this costume to Disney themed parties and events, or utilize their new look to charm the entire street trick or treating this Halloween! This Kids Deluxe Beast Costume would also make the perfect present for the lover of fairytales in your life!