Champagne Flapper/Gatsby Costume

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The Ladies' Champagne Flapper Costume includes:

  • Champagne flapper dress

Tickle your nose! Break the conventions of your era by wearing make-up, drinking with the boys and speaking in slang and cursing up a storm. Demand your right to vote and to express your sexual liberty when you wear this convention-smashing dress right of the Roaring 20s.

This bubbly champagne-colored dress positively reeks with excess, pouring fringe from every crevice. The comfortably wide shoulder straps are encrusted with sequins for flash and flare. Beware ... it shows more than enough leg to get you in real trouble with the law.

Add a pile of flapper beads to this costume to get the complete effect. You'll want to wear this dress to your next Detective Murder party or 1920s themed event, if not to a Halloween party this October. With a little bit of make-up and some hairstyling, you might even pull off a wonderful Betty Boop.