Casanova Silver White Venetian Masquerade Mask

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Each hand finished mask might vary in decoration, adornments and styleThis is a Venetian Bauta Casanova mask. This is one of the best-known styles of mask, which was used to conceal your identity.The Bauta mask covers the whole face. The top of the mask is square and the bottom juts out at the chin. There is no mouth definition; the nose mold is very pointed with no breathing holes. The eye holes are rounded. The mask is painted off-white with shading accents to make it look worn. Raised swirling designs outline the edges of the mask. Faux jewels decorate the mask and at the centre of the forehead is a circular jewel design. This mask is used by either gender for festivals and masquerades. Complete the original look with a tricorn hat and a hooded cape. About the MasksThese fabulous genuine Venetian masks are designed by artist, Augusto Maurandi, and are created by his team in Venice, Italy. Each mask is authentically handcrafted of paper-mache in the artisan traditions of Venetian mask-makers. With satin ribbons on either side, these masks are ready for wear or display; a great piece for the avid art or mask collector.