Captain America Civil War Shirt Costume

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Captain America Civil War T-Shirt costume includes:

  • Shirt
  • Mask

A resulting argument in how the Avengers are run, leads Captain America and the others to divide into fractions. This is a quick and simple, licensed Captain America Shirt costume. 

The Captain America costume is a basic, long sleeve shirt. It is sublimated to look like the top half of the Captain America armour jumpsuit like in the movie. It has the star on the chest, rred and white armour on the stomach and the straps that he would attach his shield to. It also comes with a hard plastic half mask. It is blue with black detailing and an 'A' on the forehead. It has soft foam piece around the eyes and elastic in the back to keep it on the head. 

Join forces with your fraction with this easy to wear and put on costume. Great for Halloween, comic con, expo and those who don't want to go full out for their event.