Boil Monster Creepy Morphsuit Costume

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Boil Monster Creepy Morphsuit Costume includes:

  • One-piece full coverage jumpsuit

If you want to be fully covered and fully disgusting, the Boil Monster Creepy Morphsuit Costume is perfect!

Disgusting. In a good way. This one-piece Morphsuit features a nasty green, rotting flesh-like design. Boils, both festering and ready to pop, are scattered across this costume. One zipper in back lets you zip up all the way to the top of the head. Attached to the sides of this grotesque Boil Monster Morphsuit Costume are stuff ears that sit out like ogre ears. The Boil Monster's face features red, beady eyes and a gaping maw that extends well past your own face and onto the body of the Morphsuit to give the illusion it is immense! Everything about this costume screams repulsive.

For those out there who truly love the abhorrent side of Halloween, this Boil Monster Creepy Morphsuit costume is perfect!