Boat Rockin' Sailor Babe Costume

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Boat Rockin' Sailor Babe costume includes:

  • White sailor dress
  • Hat
  • Belt
  • Wrist cuffs
  • Stocking topper pins

*Note: Thigh high stockings and petticoat not included but recommended.

When the boat's a-rockin'...

This cute Boat Rockin' Sailor Babe costume is an excellent choice. This soft, white dress features many nautical nods. The dress itself is short with the skirt only coming to about the knee or just above. The top of the dress has a lovely 'V' line without going too low. There is a navy blue bow in the centre of the bodice, just below the point of the neckline. A sailor collar covers the shoulders and has two navy blue stripes. Down the centre of the front of the top are two rows of navy blue buttons with white anchors. The skirt flares out at the bottom and mirrors the striping of the collar. A petticoat might be a good idea here to add some 'poof' and more interest with the skirt. The Boat Rockin' Sailor Babe costume also includes an adorable white sailor's hat complete with a thick blue trim and bow. White wrist cuffs also come with the Boat Rockin' Sailor Babe costume and also feature the double navy blue striping. Two blue ribbons with white anchors placed on the front can be pinned to the top of your stockings which add some more of that nautical style. Also included with this cute costume is a belt. The back of the belt is fabric and contains four buttons in two different spots to adjust the size somewhat. The front of the belt is blue and white cord woven together to create an interesting knot in the centre as decoration.

Pick up a first mate and head down to your next Halloween party with the motion of the ocean in mind in the Boat Rockin' Sailor Babe costume!