Bloody Beautiful Lady Vampire Costume

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The Bloody Beautiful Lady Vampire Costume includes:

  • Gown with bodice

  • Vampire collar

Expect passion to embrace every curve as you get ready for this year's Halloween “feast,” as it will be for you, dressed in this erotic Vampiress costume. Don't worry if you feel a bit hungry once you zip up the back. Though you might find your appetite has turned to something a little more … raw.

With a bodice made of black felt, featuring a crimson satin panel ornamented with sequins, you're sure to feel elegant in this floor-length gown. The dress below the waist is layered with gauzy lace overtop a skirt of satiny crimson, to match the bodice. This dress will float over your body as you move, beckoning your victims to follow. The pointed collar suggests an Eastern European origin, attaching to the dress with short garters, which can be unclipped and your neck left bare, for a less malevolent presentation.

Truly the costume if you're looking to portray the Queen of the Damned come the Halloween season. Excellent for all sorts of Victorian outings, whether the right film premiere or your next opportunity to play Vampire: the Masquerade. With richness of color and design, you'll feel wonderful knowing you've found the perfect expression for your Gothic side at last.