Wonderful Cosplay Wigs in Time for Expo!

Wonderful Cosplay Wigs in Time for Expo!

Posted by Madioson on Apr 24, 2018

Calgary Comic Expo is nearly upon us and those last minute costumes are starting to be pieced together just in time! One of the most defining factors of a cosplay can be the hairstyle and color as well as how realistic and natural it seems paired with your carefully detailed outfit. While you can spend the time to customize your own hair, when there is a large selection of synthetic wigs, styled and un-styled, at your disposal why waste the extra minutes of preparation? At The Costume Shoppe we carry wigs from a wide range of quality and price points, making sure we have just what you had in mind! Our most prominent brands are the Arda Wigs and the Rockstar wigs which have a realistic feel for multiple uses and extended wear, while our other synthetic kinds are perfect for single nights out on the town without the commitment.

In response to the voice actor Jodi Benson attending Calgary Comic Expo, why not pay homage to a classic Disney film and complete a cosplay of the beloved red-headed mermaid Ariel! With a wig as beautiful as Arda’s Luthien in Cherry Red, how could you not feel like a princess? With long luxurious locks that frame the face and cascade past the shoulders, this accessory is also heat style-able allowing you to customize the realistic looking hair to your own preferences. Here at The Costume Shoppe we have a wide variety of Mermaid accessories to help aid you in compiling the perfect costume! Including scaled leggings, tops, and corsets! Plus, with our creative collection of Mehron Paradise Makeup, from split cakes to individual compacts, your imagination can run wild and turn your costume into a unique piece of art! If Anime is more your thing, the Luthien could also be used towards an Erza Scarlet, or Kushina Izimaki cosplay!

For the youngsters in your life anxious to take part in all that cosplaying has to offer, there are a plethora of wigs for kids available in store or online! One of our favourites is the Star Wars Episode 8 Child Rey Wig which brings a blown back style and dark brown locks! When paired with one of our officially licensed costume ensembles your little heroine will suddenly be able to use the force and enter the expo with confidence! For the eager boys in your household, the Legend of Zelda Link Child Wig could be exactly what they’ve been asking for! With fun quirky Legend of Zelda accessories, it’ll be no time before they run off on an adventure of a lifetime!

With the Fantastic Beasts Adult Newt Scamander Wig there are endless possibilities of characters to portray, leaving you with a tough final decision. With its cropped and tousled short brown hair, this accessory is versatile and comfortable to wear! If you choose to stick with the quirky persona of Newt Scamander, check out our Harry Potter themed accessories and costumes! There are even wands to arm yourself with! Who knows what you might run into seeking out magical creatures around the globe?

The Rockstar collection, as mentioned in the first paragraph, is one of our more popular and higher quality wigs. One of the incentives in getting a Rockstar wig is that many of the styles come already tailored to specific characters, making your job easier as you prepare your outfit. One such style is the iconic female super villain Harley Quinn, of whom has always been a fan favourite for her quirky personality and memorable appearance. With the Rockstar Harley Quinn Daddy’s Little Monster wig you can combine one of our unique Harley Quinn costumes with matching accessories to fully flesh out your new persona! Other styles such as the Frozen Anna Cosplay Wig or the Sailor Moon Cosplay Wig allow you to take on a real life depiction of your favourite animated character!

Sometimes you just need a little bit of Sci-Fi in your life, and with the Arda Wig style Jane in a Fairy Blonde you can transform into the iconic Cylon infiltrator Number Six from the show Battlestar Galactica! You can pair this wig with an equally sultry red gown to portray Number 6’s iconic appearance, or stick to a simple combat outfit with a tank top and trousers. With a large selection of prop guns and weapons at your disposal you can choose what you want to bring with you to the expo floor! The passing Battlestar Galactica fans will surely appreciate your strong female ensemble, while the cosplay aficionados will compliment you on your adorable Arda wig!

With dozens of different options, it can be hard to decide on the exact style you need. From Arda to Rockstar, heat-styleable to synthetic, if you stop in at our shop one of our knowledgeable staff members can help you narrow down your selection! With plenty of other items to match, getting you set up with the right accessories and items for your outfit will be a breeze