Warm up with Valentine's Day

Warm up with Valentine's Day

Posted by Alexis Smolensk on Feb 03, 2019

We’re shivering but thrilled to be out and about on this coldest day of the Winter Season so far. Minus 38 with the wind chill! But since costumes are worn all year round, we sell them too. In fact, it is what we live for.

Here on this very cold day we haven’t forgotten that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. We’re ready with corsets, shoes, feather boas, ruffled skirts and wonderful sexy costumes for you and your special someone to dress up in, whether you’re seeking to go to a great Valentine’s Day costume party or for a very private tryst.

We were taking a breather after our busy day at The Costume Shoppe, minutes after the doors closed, and talking about the personal opportunities that costumes have begun to provide. Valentine’s Day is about Old World Sexy, it always will be! But today there’s room for a hilariously Sassy Fozzie Bear and the childish innocence of dressing up like our favored M&Ms.

There are no rules any more! We’ve always known that costumes will let us be whatever we want to be … now we can dive into WHY we want to be those things, too. Costumes are becoming the wonderful new philosophy for the 21st century.