Onesie Dance Party: Calgary Expo 2018!

Onesie Dance Party: Calgary Expo 2018!

Posted by Madison on Apr 13, 2018

With Calgary Comic Expo 2018 right around the corner, it’s hard not to get excited about the different celebrity guest panels, merch, and gatherings! If you aren’t a well seasoned cosplayer but still want to dress up and have fun, there are plenty of options at your disposal!

The event that has us most excited at The Costume Shoppe is happening on Saturday April 28th when the Calgary Comic Expo is sponsoring a Onesie Dance Party at Cowboys! With a DJ playing music all night, and prizes to be had, everyone can embrace their inner animal and bond together in an unforgettable extravaganza! With it starting at 9PM, this 18+ event is perfect for those also wanting ample time on the Expo floor! Tickets are available for purchase in advance on their website, giving you room to prepare and plan your outfit!

Onesie Animal Costumes | The Costume Shoppe | Calgary, Canada

What isn’t there to like about a one piece outfit? Comfy and cozy, our selection of onesie pajamas is just what you need to feel confident on your night out! Having an adult onesie isn’t something to be frowned upon but celebrated! If you are a creature of the night, jump into the Black and Red Bat Yumio Onesie with your extended wings! Or if rainbows and magic are more your thing, the Pastel Unicorn Yumio Onesie has you covered with a beautiful blend of colors! To make a roaring impression, consider the Adult Dinosaur Onesie Costume, or waddle into everyone’s hearts in the Cute Penguin Yumio Onesie!

What isn’t there to love when your one piece ensemble can include pockets and a convenient zippered back-flap? Made from super soft and enticing fabric, you’ll be cute and cuddly in no time! To make it extra easy to find your perfect adult onesie they come in standard and extra-large sizes to fit just about anybody! The standard fits those anywhere from 5 feet tall to 6 feet tall, while the extra large is for those 6 feet and taller!

If anything, get out and experience the nostalgia of childhood with an adult twist! There won’t be another experience quite like this! If you live in Calgary or the surrounding area and have a wild spirit I’m sure we will see you there!